AGIO help you take transaction decisions on financial and investment instruments

About AGIO

AGIO.CO.ID is an application for the first multi-asset transaction transaction signal in Indonesia, AGIO.CO.ID was initiated by DR (Can) Lucky Bayu Purnomo SE., ME., CSA., CTA, an Economist, and also a market player in 2002 and Leo Akbar, SE, AWM, RFP has been in the world of finance and investment since 2007 so that eventually it becomes an application that can be used by the general public, PT. Agio Investama Internasional Through its own application products, AGIO.CO.ID, it has the aim to solve social problems related to signals of sale and purchase transactions at various prices of financial and investment instruments, among others, Shares, Forex, Commodities, Stock options, Futures exchanges, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and others.

AGIO.CO.ID launching perdana on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on January 26, 2018, the event was also attended by AGIO Founder Lucky Bayu Purnomo, CEO & Co-Founder Leo Akbar, Deputy IV for Political Communication and Information Dissemination Eko Sulistyo, Director of the Indonesia Stock Exchange Alpino Kianjaya, CEO, LBP institute Anthony Lim, CEO of the Singapore Financial Learning Institute, Philip Chan, Chair of the Capital Market Professional Certification Institute Haryajid Ramelan and Chair of the Indonesian Technical Analyst Association (AATI) Inderahadi Kartakusumah.


Price Action

Melalui menu layanan ini, para pengguna AGIO.CO.ID dapat memperoleh rencana transaksi dalam bentuk sinyal harga jual dan harga beli pada instrument keuangan dan investasi. Rencana transaksi tersebut meliputi, Sinyal Beli, berikut tanggal dan harga, kemudian harga terakhir apabila telah mengalami perubahan, dan target harga disertai batas toleransi kerugian atau stop loss ( untuk sinyal beli / buy )

Portfolio Check Up

Users can be able to ask some questions and request based on the portfolio owned until they get the results of a check up for details trading and transaction plan, Portfolio Check Up explain a price action and trading signal for buy and sell on financial and investment instruments.

Pro Trade

Users can obtain a transaction plan in the form of a signal to buy or sell on financial instruments and investments from professionals who are partners of AGIO.CO.ID. The partners consist of corporate, community partners to individuals who become professionals.

News & Event

Users can found a news from performance trading signals on financial and investment instruments.

Users can be found a event information and participate in the following AGIO.CO.ID events or activities with partners and professionals in the field of financial and investment instruments.


Professional Trader / Protrade is a PAID Partners who provide information Signal Price, News, Events and transaction advice professional advice Partners

Pro Trade

ProTrader with a Professional Trader stands for the purpose of Providing a Transaction (Trade) view for market participants who conduct trading activities (Traders to Investors) in various dimensions of time


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